A spa hotel on Sweden's west coast Marstrand is special all year round. Browse our packages for the ultimate experience. Our West coast inspired SPA is included in all our packages. Bubbles, steamy saunas and warm rocks await. Book here
Discover Marstrand this summer In the far west, where the archipelago ends and the open sea begins, you find the island of Marstrand with Carlsten Fortress at the top. The sailing town and seaside resort Marstrand is a favourite with visitors. It is home to a harbour filled with all kinds of boats, cosy homes along car-free streets, top restaurants and cafés, sun and salty swims, music and spectacle.
Meeting and events That barren, salty, and windswept calm. That constant encounter between land and sea. These inspire, and make for the perfect gathering place, all year round. Sometimes you just need to talk, and you have to find the right place to do it. Here at Marstrand's Havshotell we know exactly how to create the perfect meeting and event. Here we join personal service, event management, and commitment to your experience. From start to finish, a unique experience.
Get here and get married To say yes to love, and to one another, is a most special moment in life. To celebrate in the presence of family and friends becomes a special moment that others will celebrate and remember with you for a long time. Whether it's that first "Yes" or even "Yes, still" after ten years, or a big birthday, then we will make Marstrand a great memory for you.

A spa hotel on Sweden's west coast

Marstrands Havshotell is found at the outermost quay before the sea takes over. Here you will find calm, air, surprising food, a salty spa, 98 rooms and value for money packages for evenings, weekends and special occasions. On top of that closeness to the sea and the rocks mixed in with old fashion regional traditions. Welcome to a saltier Marstrand. Under 1 hour from Gothenburg.

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A room with a comfy beed, a hearty breakfast buffet and access to spa is what you get when you book a room with us. We have both warm and cold!

Our restaurant in Marstrand with a flavour of the west coast

Summer 2018. Out kitchen is open noon till 10 pm daily.

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