Sillsalteriet - located on the outmost rock neighbouring the sea

Following an extensive renovation we are proud to present Sillsalteriet (The herring saltery). A venue that can only be described as the coolest and most unique venue on the Swedish west coast.

The history
Sillsalteriet was built in the 1800s during one of the many herring periods. Hundreds of people worked with refining the herring. When the herring disappeared the facilities were used as a warehouse and ship yard. As time went by the building deteriorated more and more and came close to being torn down. But in 2014 Marstrands Havshotell started the renovation.

The future
it has taken two years to renovate from floor to roof, isolate, install a kitchn, build a bar, toilets and install technich. All integrated into the old historic and rustic environment.

The venue today is unique in every way but with modern standard. We will host weddings, dinners, partied, exhibitions, lectures and activates for our guests.  The venue is located a 15 minute walk or a short boat trip from the hotel. Many of our guests choose to walk back to the hotel to enjoy the sun setting over our islands.

Thanks to its design the venue is suitable for groups of 50 as well as a larger groups of up to 450 guests. It is even possible to dive a car into the venue for those who like to do that!

Welcome to experience West Coast quality of life for real!

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